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Welcome to Shadow Walking – An Online Revolution for Women with Sass Who Want to Change the World from the Inside Out, Through the Potent and Transformational Magic of Shadow Work

You are here because you either know or want to learn about the power of Shadow Work.

How crucial it is to unlock your secret powers, those treasured gifts and the potency of your voice.

The life-changing power of getting out your psychic shovel and digging deep into the darkness of your shadow realm to shatter the illusion of your fear-based reality and radically transform your life.

So here we are, creating a movement of women, for women, just like you…..

Getting down and dirty.

Owning up and showing up.

Speaking out and sharing.

Healing and transforming.

Daring to be seen and heard for the crazy, fucked up mess we have been conditioned to be.

So we can rise up, integrate, co-create and go way beyond ‘normal’ to manifest our craziest and wildest dreams.

Our true and highest potential.

No longer power-empty, but power-full.

The question is….

 Will You Join Us?

Share Your Story and Write For Us!

Share how you went into battle with your demons, your patterns and your unconscious behaviour and you came out the other side, laughing, dancing, smiling and saying f**k you…I made it!

Share with us your dark night of the soul, the depths you went to and the jewels you uncovered.

Share how you faced your greatest fears, overcame your addictions, stripped off all your masks, dropped into your vulnerability and owned those dirtiest, darkest parts of yourself. We want to know it all so you can inspire thousands of other women to do the same.

You have fought tooth and nail to take your voice out of the closet, now it’s time to use it.

Come on over and share your wisdom, your knowledge and the tools you have used to work with your shadow.

Share with us your expertise, so together we can open the gateway to the transformative beauty of the Shadow World, encouraging others to make friends with their darkness, to move away from the fear and dive in anyway. 

Together lets shed light on the dark places and shadow walk our way to a brighter, more balanced world.

Submission Guidelines

No more than 1200 words

Short, easy to read paragraphs

Make it captivating

A thought-provoking title that triggers readers to click

1 x 800px wide image (with full attribution to the artist & URL)

Suggest 3 keywords it is relevant to

Copy and Paste it into an email

Email to submissions[at]

Who is Nicola Lucie?

Hi I’m Nicola Lucie, Witch, Modern Mystic, Shaman, Sorceress, Old Soul, Medicine Woman and any other label you wish to stick on me today. I don’t care what you call me, or how you want to define me, I own them all yet I am none of them.

My other identities are Shadow Work Coach, Creator and Founder of Shadow Walking, Awakener and Change Agent. Oh and I also run the powerful transformational online workshop – Maiden, Mother & Crone.

I help sassy female entrepreneurs, creatives, visionaries and game-changers, kick ass and change the world by helping them radically transform their own lives through the potent magic of Shadow Work.

I can also help you master your shadow in just 8-wks – with the Shadow Walking Process – find out how here.